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Video Marketing Tools

Video Marketing is an important way of marketing your products and services. A marketing blog tells you how important video is for your business growth, no matter what business you are running. New statistics come all the time about how fast videos increase your business engagement as well as audience retention. You cannot afford to ignore the trend of video marketing if you are an entrepreneur.

A huge budget is not needed to start adding video content to generate exposure to your business. With new technologies, there are a number of high-quality cameras that are only a few hundred dollars. These are perfect to get started.

Moreover, to be an Adobe Premier expert or a massive tech geek is not very important to make quality videos for your business. Any type of videos with the tools mentioned below can be made.


This is an easy to use the tool and you can combine a number of images to create short videos, ideal for Instagram and Facebook. This tool can be installed on any operating system. The environment for creating videos will be ready within an hour.

Stop Motion

This is one of the interesting film techniques and the app can create your stop motion videos as easy as you imagine. The tool allows you to watch and edit the video frame by frame. The app gives you the control over all the videos and also allows you to purchase small upgrades i.e. sound effects. One drawback is that for now, it is available only for iOS.


Animoto is the best choice if you are looking for a very simple tool. You just need to upload all your photos and videos you want to merge together, add audio and a number of other features provided by the editor and use it on your website. This is a mobile application so you can also share videos on mobile easily.


The tool is specially designed for creating animated videos for your brands and products. The tool has a number of video templates, transitions and characters to make easier to create your video. The tool gives you the option to create your own template.


This is one of the high qualities and web-based video editors. The tool allows you combining still photos and recordings to create your video story. The WeVideo mobile app can be downloaded for creating videos when you are out.


This is designed for businesses to create simple and promotional videos. Wideo has a number of templates to be selected and it also allows you to create your own from scratch. Using this program, it is very easy to put your logo or other graphics into your videos.

YouTube Editor

You can also have the choice of YouTube Editor if you want to create a really cool video. The editor offers a number of features including altering contrast, adding a fill light, and changing the video length. The annotations and transcripts can also be added to make the video SEO friendly.

The tools mentioned are just a small portion of all that is out there. You can have more options if you are not satisfied with these. Keep searching for them until you find the one you love working with.

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