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How to protect the business from Cyber Crimes?

In the current interconnected world, it becomes very easy for the hacker and thieves to reach your business and its valuable data. According to WEF (World Economic Forum) 2016 Global Risk Report, cyber attacks rank top among all the threats in businesses in the US. Never compromise on the safety of the information of your company. You may follow the tips given below:

Use strong Passwords

If you will have a complicated password, it will be harder for a thief or hacker to search for your company’s system. It can be also done by a password manager who will ensure the integrity and strength of your passwords for all the computers your company has.

Always consider the Password Reset Information

Protect the reset setting of your password because having hard to guess password strategy is not enough. For this, you may use a separate email for password recovery. Following this method make difficult for the hackers to access your email address and go through your precious information.

Encrypt Hard Drives and other USB Flash drives

Hard Drives and USB Flash Drives are better sources for sharing big files and data within a company. As they are small in size so there is a chance of being lost or stolen. The process of encryption of data that is stored in such devices is the best way to restrict unauthorized people to access your data.

Make your Cloud storage well Guarded

It is best practice to use cloud storage services for sharing files remotely and quickly with your colleagues or co-workers. It is very easy to access that data for cyber criminals. You must encrypt your data you are uploading. It can be done by a cloud program also. BitTorrent Sync service can be used to for peer to peer synchronization.

Backup Regularly

It is helpful to schedule a regular backup of your data to some external hard drive or in the cloud. It is an easy way to store data safely. The rules for backups include: have a complete backup weekly, backup for your personal computers every week, incremental backups every night, or incremental backups anytime of your choice.

Enable a Strong Firewall

For having a complete protected network, it is important to put a firewall. A firewall protects the network and also controls incoming and outgoing internet traffic of your business.



Regularly Update Your Programs

It is a necessary to patch and update your computer for being fully protected. Frequent updating of your programs keeps updated regarding any issue or holes fixed by the programmers.

Monitor Diligently

There are monitoring tools for data leakage prevention. They are set up at main network touch points to monitor specific information that is coming out of the internal network.  It can be used to monitor pieces of code, credit card numbers, or any other valuable information related to your business. If you ignore the monitoring process, it is wastage of time as well as resources.

As cyber crime is increasing with new technology, preparedness and protection are becoming very important for every organization. There is needed to be able to overcome and fight with these mounting threats. As hackers are always one step ahead, accountability must be our first priority of defense.



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