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The 6 R’s of Increased Productivity

The most important key to maximizing the team productivity is motivation. An estimation shows that an average team member at a given time work at a minimum of 50% of his capacity. Therefore, mastering the employee motivation could increase the success chances over an average competitor.

As there are a number of books written on the subject, most entrepreneurs simply assume that their motivation, vision, and the drive will be adopted as well as maintained by the employees and partners, based on the inspirational talk by the business leader or founder, supplemented a good salary, and a dose of good measure.

Unluckily, this is not much easy. Motivation is needed to be constant tone and priority, focused more on the emotional and internal wants and needs of a person, instead of the opportunity to make more money. A research indicated that most experts agree on four R’s, but in reality, there are at least six. These are:

  1. Respect: Of course, every professional wants to be treated with great respect. We notice our leaders facial expressions, their words, and body language, to indicate the respect and disrespect. Do not forget to five only constructive criticism, and not before their co-workers, to show the respect. Your actions show that how you value their opinion.
  2. Recognition: This should always be done in front of the co-workers.recognizing and celebrating individual achievements, either big or small, people feel good about themselves. They feel competent and try to repeat their success with additional responsibility.
  3. Reward: This is something that people need to maintain motivation, and they start feeling that recognition is just “show” with nothing behind. Cash incentives are good decision to get started, but things indicating performance like certificates and prizes also work well. Intangible rewards like a party, lunch with bosses, may also be motivators.
  4. Reinforcement: if a team member shows his increased skills, following prior incentives and rewards, reinforcing his progress will cause a motivational multiplier. This is a recognition as well as a reward for steroids.
  5. Relationships: Positive interaction with your fellow team members may lead to improved motivation and job satisfaction. Inversely, people who have negative and also bring attitude to their workplace will also destroy others motivation. If they are not addressed timely, such people may drive your employees to find a job any other place.
  6. Responsibility: Responsibilities if done with moderation and respect, prevent stagnation and also challenge us performing at higher levels. There are many people who rise to the occasion, check their progress and become more motivated. Such people love to learn and do new things.

People motivate themselves, these themes are just to facilitate personal motivation. Aligning the rewards and feedback with the valued things can increase intrinsic motivation of everyone. So the first step is to know your people, interact with them and ask what they need and passionate about. Never guess the answers yourself.

It is also important to have an ongoing communication and training to know what people expect in their role and what is needed for exceptional and acceptable performance. Not knowing the expectations is the cause of de-motivation.

These motivational themes increase the productivity of your startup and create an exciting and enjoyable place that your own vision expect. It is a win-win condition for everyone.


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