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Style and Software: Applications for the Beauty Business

Building a successful business needs your intelligence, dedication and some amount of your business related expertise. But, apart from all these, some of the best tools may help in your business success.

Smartphone apps are in a large amount and are handling almost every aspect of a successful and smooth business. They allow you to manage everything, including financial parts, i.e. payroll and inventory with a few finger steps.

These apps are useful and working efficiently in service related businesses like salons. The owners and managers of the salon have a different business base and are able to keep a record of the standard business tasks as well as client’s needs.

If you are a stylist and own a salon, there are some apps, especially for your business.

Marketing Apps

Because of social media, the business marketing aspects have become easier. However, these apps take marketing strategy to a new level. You can manage your social accounts, client’s email, advertisements and much more from a single app.

There are many salon apps that cover all the requirements listed above and even more than these. They are becoming the favorite for stylists and creating marketing.


Obviously, you are already using Instagram, but are you using it according to your needs? This app has a great potential to reach people who could be your loyal clients in future. Just be sure that you are posting useful pictures with attractive hash tags. Obviously, you get your customer’s permission before sharing any photo and by the process of re-sharing, you reach hundreds of people.

Photoshoot pictures of colored hair and side by side images of a product, a final result of the client’s hair, special occasion up-dos are great photos for your salon’s account. Do not forget to post high demand times like senior portraits, high school proms, and other special and different requests other than usual style and cuts.

Manage Bookings Easily

Managing the client’s appointments is becoming a complicated ledger at the reception. Most of the salons use booking apps to keep their client’s track regarding the number of clients daily and their purpose of coming and this makes the smooth running of your business. Apart from just keeping appointment’s track, these apps allow you to reach your clients via phone or emails through this app. If you are at home or any other place away from your salon you can manage all the aspects of your smart phone. Moreover, you can access maximum client’s info like the products they need and notify them whenever sale starts.

Apps for Stylists

Stylists also get benefits from these apps and manage client’s preferences. These apps are used to supplement the manager or owner and no part of your relationship with the client goes unnoticed. These apps can keep track of the hairstyles and if your client wants hairstyle just like Angelina so you have that hairstyle at your fingertips. Some apps give video tutorials that feature latest trends. Smartphone apps have become so popular and they really do help in running a business smarter and faster. It is all about client’s loyalty and services you are giving via these apps.

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