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How Self-Knowledge Makes An Effective Entrepreneur?

If you want to be a real entrepreneur, you need to know yourself so well. After all, you have no direct manager who is in charge to give you feedback, and the direct report due to which you will be afraid to tell what they think.

As an entrepreneur, your talent, skills, your personality, knowledge and your strengths are the best assets. There are many points about knowing yourself. These are all extracted from a book named, “Career GPS”, written by Ella L.J. Edmondson Bell. These important points are:

  • Self-Knowledge builds confidence: Try to know who you are and make yourself comfortable in your business. It will help to become a strong, and effective leader. There are many people who are too sure of themselves, but they usually try to hide their fears and insecurities.
  • The Cornerstone of an effective leadership: Leadership is not just about the role you have and how big you act. Such self-aware leaders can see the big picture, the context, and the purpose. They listen actively and do not try to keep themselves ahead of others. They give a chance to the others to perform their best.
  • Try to make yourself able to make sound decisions for your business: When you are running a business, understanding who you are and what are your wants may help you to push things away that are not much important. They urge you to look after and consider the things that are really important.
  • Know, accept and like who you persuade others to do the same: Try to be genuine and authentic because it makes you more attractive to the customers, respected by all the team, and much effective leader.
  • Determine your needs and wants because it helps to say “no” in necessary situations: Your startup businesses are demanding. You may be expected to be there 24/7 and keeping other things managed too. Know your limits; as far as you can stretch is a very important skill.
  • Know yourself well – the good – the bad and the ugly too: No one of us is all good. The good specifies all parts of us that are treasures or natural gifts. Bad are the parts that need work. The last one is the ugly part that is usually hidden, even from us. Use your good, fix the bad one, and live with the ugly part.
  • Knowing yourself helps you maximize performance: for being successful, there is much more than work hard. You need to make yourself able to create an effective business plan, cultivate your relationships, and build the brand. Work efficiently and focus on the results of everything you are doing. This reduces stress and increases satisfaction level.

When you come to know how effectively you work, you will do your job with the better delegation, outsource your work, and select your employees and partners with care. Try to determine what you want to do and what you are an expert on, then hire to show your abilities and skill.

If you are a big picture person and face difficulty with follow-through, you need to have a detail task manager who can fill all these gaps. This is the time to know yourself – believe in yourself – make yourself to win.


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