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How to Decide On Debt Settlement Or Bankruptcy?

Many businesses ask this general question “is it good to file a bankruptcy or debt settlement?” the answer to which depends on the operation you are doing. highlights that if you choose debt settlement, you need to set aside your fund during the negotiation of debt settlement to pay …

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How To Repair Business Credit?

Being an owner of a business, someone might find himself enter under a long pile of debt. All though he should keep in his mind that debt of business is impacted more than a personal debt and it consists of very strict terms of pay back that debt amount. One …

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How Self-Knowledge Makes An Effective Entrepreneur?

If you want to be a real entrepreneur, you need to know yourself so well. After all, you have no direct manager who is in charge to give you feedback, and the direct report due to which you will be afraid to tell what they think. As an entrepreneur, your …

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