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Krypton Investment Mechanism or “KIM”

Krypton Venture Capital invests using a self-developed process called the Krypton Investment Mechanism or “KIM”. KIM is a revolutionary, game-changing method in the venture capital investment fund space, setting a new unprecedented standard.

We believe that the new online B2C (business to consumer) startup world and its potential cannot be analyzed, evaluated and estimated by the sharp suited and tight necktied investment bankers of the traditional VC world. Rather, the voice of the masses is the real determining factor in the potential for a start-up’s success. With our large media base that occupies 1.5% of global traffic, we have the ability to mobilize this voice and use it to gauge proof of concept.

Krypton specializes in smart investments in B2C PC (personal computer) products. Our aim is to take a startup and throw them into the online media universe to avoid the costly process of traditional due diligence, through which much time and money tends to be wasted. We see the startup world as a massive boxing match. You find yourself in the ring facing heavyweight champions. Many VCs want you to exchange swings for 12 rounds to see who the last standing is. Krypton will provide you with the iron gloves to throw a haymaker.

This new approach gives Krypton the edge to revolutionize investments, while also providing the additional capital to ensure startups can maintain and finance a healthy and profitable business for the long run.

The main distinguishing feature of the fund is its ownership structure. As such, Krypton has access to 1.5% of the global internet marketing traffic, which gives immeasurable value to our startups. As part of our unique investment mechanism, we added a special stage called the “Mass Intelligence Stage”, in which startups are exposed to our substantial traffic base allowing the voice of the internet to dictate strengths and weaknesses of any given product. Only once a product receives this enormous exposure, in conjunction with our marketing and sales force, can one begin to understand that we do not just fund ideas, we translate them into money.

If the “Mass Intelligence Stage” shows potential, we then exercise our right to the predetermined equity. However, if the masses decide that there is no place for the startup in today’s market, we take no equity and ask for no refunds. We are confident enough in our process that we trust the global audience to guide our investment decisions. If two heads are better than one, then 80 million must be foolproof.

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