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Motivation behind Ethics

In the modern world, be it business, job or anything else, ethics have become a very important element. Ethics is are of utmost significance in almost every activity that is performed, including businesses. Where businesses are aiming for high profits and getting the most out of their products and services, customers are also getting more rational. Modern day customer understands that businesses try to exploit them, and often are deeply observe the true purpose behind every business activity or action. At the same time, competition is also increasing. The markets have become more globalized than they ever were and growing almost exponentially. Every new entering business, tries to get the most out of itself and maintain a high market share. In such crucial circumstances, businesses need to leverage customers to their benefit, by working on more than just marketing, production and channelizing etc. This is where the idea of Ethics plays its part.

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Often when a business treats its Employees well, take good care of the product and its resources, which can clearly come with a high cost, news of such actions spread like wildfire. E.g. Keeping the factory in a good condition, where workers get all the facilities and the product is kept in decent storage facilities is being ethical. Reason being, the customer cannot look into the factory, and It is pretty much against the interest of the business to bear high cost in order to keep a good factory and storage facility while similar consequences could be achieved with cheaper facilities and in a bad-shaped factory. Another example of Ethics in the same situation would be giving the workers at the factory all the necessary break-times, kits to wear and meals that they need in order to do their work effectively without receiving any harm to their health. Again, the company could just keep it in the policy not to provide meals and kits to workers, but by providing the necessary fuel, even though it is not required and not illegal, makes this another act of being Ethical.

Ethics have many consequences, including a motivated labor force, attached customers and sometimes even better flow of work. However, one question that every business who is focusing on Ethics ask is ‘to mention it or not’. Whether it is something to brag about or not, depends on what it is. In case of treating the Employees better, there is no need to mention to the world, because first off, the employees themselves will talk about it, which will have a much stronger, though focused, impact. If the customers are very conscious about the kind of environment their product is kept in, then the business could advertise the conditions of its storage facilities and factories. This is more like one bird, two stones, because the business is not only satisfying a customer need and advertising their competitiveness, but also being Ethical which bring internal satisfaction.

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This is all from a selfish perspective, being Ethical just so the Business flies off more competitive and profitable, but the fact it is that being Ethical should be a conduct carried out with truest of intentions in the most original sense of the word. Having a happy force of workers, keeping the environment in as good condition as possible, keeping the working area clean and healthy should all be done as part of our personality and should not be done with pure intention as profiting or bragging, that should in fact be a surprising consequence, though a further source of motivation.

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