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Market your Business Via Videos

Videos become an important component when related videos start screening up in search engine result pages. Video marketing is quite popular because they encourage social shares. Users connected to the internet want to share things with their family and friends. Your videos should go viral.

The most popular platform on the internet is YouTube. Globally, YouTube ranks 2nd, looking at the average number of visits a day and page views in three months. YouTube is between 2nd and 4th position in the most internet consuming countries like India, USA, Germany, Russia, and Japan. Moreover, most people have started using YouTube for searching. Therefore, YouTube should be a platform for an effective marketing campaign via videos.

Which Video Content Is Ideal?

The video you make for your brand is dependent on the main goal of video marketing campaign. Though, the popular videos are entertaining/ funny clips, how to prices, personal videos and news clips. To boost up the marketing campaign, you may include:

  • Videos that demonstrate the usage of your product or service. An important benefit of such videos is that you can use them for marketing channel, and link them on the home page or from a particular product or service page.
  • A virtual tour of store, office or manufacturing plant. Let the visitors see you virtually. You can also introduce visitors to your service and crisis management team; give a direct interaction with clients.
  • Create short testimonials. Bring out emotions from the visitors by creating a video of confessions from customers who are using your products or services.
  • Try to organize reality shows and upload videos of those events.
  • Show your products. Sometimes the size of the product does not fit into the images. So, a video can show the exact color, actual size, and 3D shape.

Tips For Video Marketing

  • Your videos have a call to action. This helps you to measure how effective the campaign is and the return on investment. For instance, if you have a goal to increase your subscribers, insert a call to action and you can see how many visitors help you achieving your goal.
  • The presentation and message should be appealing to the target audience. For example, for teens and children, opt for animations.
  • If you host live events, embrace live events. Show real time activities to your audiences.
  • Optimize your video after uploading. Title them with the right keywords. Use appealing description in the video tags.

Start Video Marketing

Create a channel. The name, banner and the icon visible to the visitors may increase brand awareness. For a custom URL address, you channel must have at minimum of 100 subscribers and one month old. Link your channel with your website.

Market Your Videos

After uploading videos, distribute them to your audience. Their actions, i.e. likes, shares and views, affect your rank. You need to reach your audience to get maximum reactions. For that:

  • Include video in your marketing campaign and in the newsletters.
  • Get the video links from relevant sections of the product and services pages. If you publish a how-to video, link it to a specific product.
  • Share your uploaded videos on social media platforms, i.e. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Also, share videos on bookmarking sites. Video marketing is present as well as future of digital marketing.


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