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Four strategies of influence, by Dr Tim Baker

In the past, the world has seen many highly influential figures. Dr. Martin Luther king, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Alexander the Great and many more. There is no doubt that influence can have a very vital role in business success. A manager with a positive influence on its workers can lead to multiple effects across the business and help in future development.

Dr. Tim Baker realized the power of influence well and offered four strategies of influence. Investigation, Calculation, Motivation and Collaboration. There are a few approaches to how we can influence someone and there are many angles each of them.

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We could Push someone, with Logics. This could be a more offensive form of influence and the person may almost feel “forced”. These people are called investigators. They rely on the power of facts and figures and have a very pre-set and structured way of doing things. Scientists are a prime example.

On the other hand, when we try to Pull someone with Logics, we need to be very careful. It is important to make sure the style is not aggressive, and that the choice of words is very ideal. Furthermore, concessions and allowances must be there in order to offer an attraction. Calculators make moves in a very spectacular fashion. As they are called, they have it all calculated and know the best moves. They try to highlight the weaknesses of a current model and then count out the strength of a future model over the current one in order to influence people to support the new model.

Moving towards a more emotional approach, we can push someone which leads to Motivation. This may very well be one of the best kind of Influence in modern world. The world is filled with motivational speakers, e.g Eric Thomas, Les Brown and many more. However, there is a problem with this approach, that is it may not always last long enough.

The last strategy, Collaboration is a very complex method. It requires the co-operation of others and makes everyone feel like they are working on equal grounds. In fact, the one who is trying to influence basically does it by showing respect and delegating power so that the other party is convinced that they are being depended upon and should work more effectively as the team may be counting on them. In short, the Collaborators are the ones expert in team building.

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All these are very effective ways of influencing, but different from each other. Investigators are good to create initiatives for large scale changes and when you want to build a basic idea in minds of many people defined by a simple set of rules and methodology. Calculators can be good when you are going to invent a new product which is more like an enhanced version of a previous model and want to convince people why they should choose it. Also, if you are competing in a homogenous market and need to convince customers as to why your product is above other products. Motivators are good when you are moving towards a different way of operating and want to raise the morale of your customers to make sure they are working harder. Motivators can also be good when you want to bring about a positive change and construct a strong inner desire among people to pursue something. Lastly, Collaborators are best usable when you are e.g trying to set up a new project in a different country. A good collaborator will make sure that the everyone in the team is doing a good job and possibility for the project to go successfully will be very high. Therefore, all strategies of influence are good, but in order to get the most out of them, they should be implemented depending on the situation.

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