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Enjoy What you Do or Do What You Enjoy

How often you face sales assistant or any other person on the phone who is not interested in your talk or even what you want to buy? Obviously, the answer would be too often. Such situation or lack of interest can come at any point, but the main chances are that the concerned person is just ‘doing his job’, and is looking for something else he is gone a do after work. They are not interested in their work at all. Even they do not care about their salary.

Without getting too deep, there are two most important lessons for the business owners. First, if you are a business man and owner and run it just according to your thinking about suppliers, customers, financiers or other people who are in contact with your business. Second, what if employees or representatives are same.

What Do You Enjoy?

This is an old saying, but people do buy from others and if you do not like the key aspects then it will start showing after some time. No one enjoys all the aspects of owning and running a business. The solution is tha
t sub-contract those bits you do not enjoy to those persons who are ready to do it for you and at the right time. If you decide to not do this you do not like, then you are going to make a big step ahead that you need to free your mind to concentrate on the most important parts of your business you enjoy.  This cub contracting decision boost up your energy that will be shown in more ways.

If you concentrate on what you really enjoy and ditch the rest of the things you will be able to give time to make that part of the business perfect by meeting with customers and take their feedback. The more feedback you gain, the more you will be able to enhance and develop what you do, time that is not much if you need to cover all the aspects, be very positive for all these. When you deal with the persons on a subject that is much closer to your heart, then you will be more energetic, interested and positive, and people will surely enjoy engaging with you more.

What Does Your Employees Enjoy?

What if your employees are not enjoying what they are doing? In this case you need to be realistic. Not everyone who is going on a work has to enjoy what he or she is doing in the same way the business owner does. If they do, you are certainly a winner. Providing them a professional job, then you can expect more from them. But, always remember a professional job involves too much interest in customers while you serve them. If you select the right employees who truly understand your business is key when many companies have a  to grow. This is as important as getting employees who do not show negative vibes when they interact with others.

No one will really spend maybe half of his time on the activities he is not enjoying. After all, you have started your business in the first class because you will do more of what you like and good at as well.



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