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Conquer Chaos in Your Startup

Every founder of a startup talks about their business chaos, which they normally attribute to the burst of growth that is needed to get positive cash flow. These founders envision a stable environment and may convince themselves that they will be happier and safer with their income, maintain a loyal and flat customer base.
This misconception may even lead to the death of a business or at least the end of the tenure as CEO. There is a message I read that chaos never subsides, said by a couple of entrepreneurs, Scott Martineau and Clate Mask, in their book named, “Conquer the Chaos”. You have just one choice that is to live with it or find a way to conquer.
Some business owners hope to minimize stress by keeping business static, and think that they can only rely on referrals and repeat their business to keep a consistent set of customers. Even with this, some important reasons of why not innovating and going into maintenance mode are:
• Competitors jump in and replace you. There are always some people around having deep pockets and can find synergy between you and them. When they see you are in development, credible traction, they try to grab your space using least cost that you need have to put into the development. Do not rely on your IP for your safety.
• Employees are also humans. A static known environment is comfortable as compared with a dynamic one. Innovation works with an unknown venture, causing the dreaded chaos. An easy way to minimize chaos is to buffer all the activities, define safe generic processes, that spiral down the productivity.
• Your products may become outdated. Change is constant in a growing business. The technology keeps on improving at a fast rate. You may fall behind in new technology, driving costs higher and you may become non-competitive.
• With less productivity and outdated technology, the cost goes up and income drops in return. Great entrepreneurs are also amazed at how rapidly this can cause non-recoverable situations.
The only solution is to conquer chaos while expanding your approach into the target market and into technology improvements. Conquering chaos requires key strategies which are:
1. Mindset Strategy: This is your emotional capital that is bolstered by entrepreneurial independence and disciplined optimism. These give you the ability to grow your business without being consumed by it. You are required to replenish these regularly.
2. System Strategy: These are tools and processes you implement for your business growth and run it smoothly and profitably. The most important are automation, centralization, and follow up. But, balance is the key along with some measurements to keep you on the right track.
When you bring chaos under your control, there comes an ongoing challenge. Once you set up the systems, you need to give yourself the time that you are saving. Always make sure that your ambition does not force you back into chaos. Never ever believe that your business will tend to fail without you. Just relax, and enjoy the earned freedom.
Now you can become a liberated entrepreneur and you can set out yourself in the first place. You will have a successful business and make more money, more control, more purpose, more time, and less chaos.

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