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Billboard Advertisements

Do you want to increase awareness about existing and new product or service? Billboard advertisements are the best way to do it. Like other marketing methods, some cost is also associated with billboard advertisements. What you need to know about advantages and disadvantages of billboard advertisements is described hereunder:-

Advantages of Billboard Advertisements

Accessible Location

The billboards placed in the location where the public can them without efforts; it is assured that drivers, bikers, and pedestrians of that area will see them. It is also important to include your contact information on the boards to enable the customers to reach you whenever they want.

Creating Visual Reference

There are many people who have a strong memory for images as compared with lengthy texts. So, billboards allow you to interact with your potential customers because they increase the brand awareness for the product with a specific image. If you put enticing and attractive images, it is sure that the customers will understand what your company wants to say.

Increase In Sale

Billboard advertisements are a unique tool because they provide impulse purchase. A customer might be walking around or driving and see your billboard, they decide to purchase immediately. If they get your product immediately, you can also improve the value of your business and the product thus making a satisfactory relationship with your customer.

Enticing New Customers

There are many billboards that have provided the signs to the store in a question. After reading the billboard, the potential customer decides immediately either to proceed the store or not for purchase. They may also decide to visit your store later, but whatever the case is, information provided on the billboards is also a good way to attract more customers.

Approaching Those With Purchasing Power

Anyone seeing your billboard and having a little interest will want to buy your product. So, you should target customers with purchasing power, especially who are willing to visit your store. An outdoor advertising company “Signkick” says that with a billboard, a blanket ad can be made that covers all the target audiences and customers.

Disadvantages of Billboard Advertisements

Difficult to Target Particular Audience

Once you setup your billboard, you can attract people in that particular area or who pass nearby. It is difficult to target specific people. Daily, a number of people with no interest are seeing your Ad

Brief Exposure Period

Many people prefer to place the billboards on roadsides and highways. In many cases, drivers on the way pay more attention to the road instead of the billboards standing along the highway. In case, there is low traffic, billboards get a look of hardly one or two seconds. So the actual cost if compared with per exposure time is higher.

Limited Information

Usually, existing or potential customers see the messages or an image and connect to your business. Without such benefit, potential customers will see the only limited information. So it is difficult to make enough sales.


If customers change their movement pattern, they may not get your billboards. For example, a highway is closed due to construction or traffic is redirected. You sign up a contract to display your billboard and in the case of switching you need to get a new contract.



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