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Automation Is Everywhere…

By 2030, offices and factories will look totally different as compared with they are now. For one thing, there would be a lot of people, and this is all because of automation. If you are unaware of the concept, automation means the processes that that do not need human interference. For example, you can buy a vacuum cleaner, once set up, will clean your house without your help. It can be navigated around furniture, walls and once finished, it will come back to its charging port. If you schedule it, it can clean your house on a daily basis without needing any input. Now you would be wondering either you need cleaners for your offices or not. Obviously, if you purchase this technology, you are in a good place. Yet we are not at this stage, but in future, automation would take over the businesses very soon.

Content Production

How you are getting content for your business? Most probably by hiring a marketing team. They will get video developers and writers to produce content that your business need. Do you need anyone to write your content? Or, could it be automated? Washington says, “it depends on the importance of content”. To write stories, they have been using software instead of journalists. It it is an important task, there would be a writer, but for sponsored content, the key is software. Now, this is having problems. The software cannot give high quality result. As the content online is increasing, it is becoming important to stand out. Just give time to it. The software will be more complex, even will create a killer content.

Customer Service

For sure, you hate to wait hours to talk to a service operator. We have a news for you. In fact, there is a good news for everyone. Now, you have the option to invest in call handling software that is automated. Many of the big businesses are using this technology rather than having a room full of people to handle customer issues. These days it is very rare that customers need to speak to a focal person. Now, they can go through the process quickly without any delays. For the owner, it means that costs are cut down, and they offer more efficient services.

Money Management

Are you worried about your money spent in your business? Sure, you are, but it is also obvious that you also do not want to spend time fussing over it. You can have automated account payable to clients, customers and suppliers, no even need your  input. Once you get the software, everything will be handled automatically. After a few years, we might have Artificial Intelligence that will decide either we should invest or not.


Business owners were looking at first attempt of Amazon’s drone delivery. After its success, there were a lot of businesses that were thinking they could also use this type of service for their model. At its infancy stage, we will  not be amazed to see delivery drivers become out of date in almost ten or twenty years.

Now it’s up to you, like it or not, the future of the businesses is automation. Get on the board or just stay away from it.


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