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Advantages of Software Testing

If you work in the trenches of the IT department, it can be difficult to get people higher up in your business organization to understand just how beneficial software testing can be. If you want to get them on board with the idea, however, it is important to understand the true value of software testing for a business.

If you want to clearly explain the benefits of testing, you need to first understand the ultimate goal of most businesses, which is to make money. There are two primary ways that they go about this:

  1. Software businesses can increase the amount of money that they make by selling more copies of their programs.
  1. Businesses can make more money by cutting costs.

Testing software can benefit both approaches to making money.


Boosting Profits Through Increased Software Sales

If a business is focused on increasing their profits by boosting their sales, software testing can help in the following ways:

  1. Testing helps ensure that programs work the way they were designed to. This is essential if you plan on selling them to the public.
  1. Testing can help ensure that the program won’t run into any conflicts with other programs or operating systems.
  1. The testing process can give you data that you can use to back up your claims.
  1. Acceptance testing can ensure that the software is suitable for the requirements of the business.
  1. Testing can make it easier for the sales team to convince customers to buy the product. Having a proven product with data to back up all of the key selling points can make it much easier to make sales.
  1. The certification that results from testing can help make your product seem more reliable to potential customers. Check out this piece about the process from Capita IT Professional Services.

Boosting Profits By Cutting Costs

Software testing can help save money for a company in the following ways:

  1. Spotting problems early on can minimize the amount of time and effort that is required to fix them. Testing the product as it is developed can help eliminate potential problems during the design phase rather than after the product has already been completed. This can dramatically reduce the cost of fixing any problems.
  1. Through the process of root cause analysis (RAC), testing can identify the source of any problems. This can help streamline the development process for future programs.
  1. Testing software can help identify inefficiencies in the overall development process. This, in turn, can help workers in the IT department perform their jobs more effectively. The mistakes or problems that are found when testing software programs can make it easier to identify weak points in the process, helping to avoid similar problems in the future.

Even for someone who doesn’t have an extensive business background such as myself, these points make sense. If you work in the field of software testing, let me know in the comments below how testing has benefited your company.

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